BSPL is known for its attention to detail and customer focus. We ensure that our product delivered give the consistency and technical properties our customers expect.
We play a key role in completing the value chain from Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) to Formulations as a Supplier,Exporter & Dealer of Pharmaceutical Bulk Drugs (API’s), Intermediates, Pellets, Nutraceuticals & Enzymes. We also have many collaborations with GMP manufacturing plant located across India which are approved by leading health authorities such as US-FDA, WHO, etc to serve better quality products to Regulatory as well as Non Regulatory market.

Our Product list consists of more than 500 items. We solicit inquiries of unlisted products.

Name Pharmacopeia Grade Therapeutic Category
Tramadol HCl BP/EP Analgesic
Sildenafil Citrate IP/BP Erectile dysfunction
Tadalafil USP Erectile dysfunction
Aceclofenac IP/BP/EP Anti Inflammatory
Diclofenac IP/BP/EP/USP Anti Inflammatory
Telmisartan IP/USP Anti Hypertensive
Triclabendazole INH Anthelmintic
Fluconazole IP/BP/EP/USP Anti Fungal
Mefenamc Acid IP/BP/USP Anti Inflammatory
Guaifenesin IP/BP/USP Expectorant
Metformin HCl IP/BP/EP/USP Anti Diabetic
Amlodipine IP/BP/EP/USP Anti Hypertensive
Valproic acid IP/BP/EP/USP Anti Epileptic
Sodium Valporate IP/BP Anti Epileptic
Divalproex Sodium IP/USP Anti Epileptic
Cefixime IP/USP Antibiotic
Cefuroxime IP/USP Antibiotic
Cefpodoxime IP/USP Antibiotic
Amisulpride BP/EP Anti Psychotic
Levosulpiride INH Anti Psychotic
Cetrizine Di HCl IP/BP/USP Anti Histamine
Levocetrizine INH/IP Anti Histamine
Fexofenadine INH/EP/USP Anti Histamine
Azithromycin IP/USP Antibiotic
Ciprofloxacin EP/USP Antibiotic
Levofloxacin Antibiotic
Pregabalin INH/IP Anti Convulsant
Levetiracetam USP Anti Convulsant
Sertraline IP/BP/EP/USP Anti Depressant
Moxifloxacin IP/BP/EP/USP Anti Bacterial
Dextromethorphan HBr Expectorant
Montelukast Sodium IP/BP/EP/USP Anti Asthamtic
Sumatriptan Base BP/EP/USP Anti Migraine
Sumatriptan Succinate BP/EP/USP Anti Migraine
Citalopram HBr INH/USP Anti Depressant
Diacerein Anti Inflammotry
Cinnarizine IP/BP/EP Anti Histamine
Pantoprazole Anti Ulcerative
Rabeprazole Anti Ulcerative
Omeprazole/sodium/magnesium Anti Ulcerative
Esmoprazole/sodium/Magnesium Anti Ulcerative
Lansoprazole/Dexlensoprazole Anti Ulcerative
Sparfloxacin Antibiotic
Ofloxacin Antibiotic
Valsartan Anti Hypertensive
Irbesartan Anti Hypertensive
Domperidone IP/BP/EP Antiemetic
Miconazole BP/EP/USP Anti Fungal
Econazole BP/EP/USP Anti Fungal
Gabapentin INH/EP/BP/USP Anti Convulsant
Clopidogrel USP Anti Thrombotic
Lamotrigine INH/IP Anti Convulsant
Ethambutol Anti Mycobacterial
Enrofloxacin Antibiotic
Paracetamol IP/BP/USP Analgesic
Nimesulide BP Analgesic
Metronidazole IP/BP
Sulfamethoxazole IP/BP/USP Antibacterial
Trimethoprim IP/BP/USP Antibacterial
Albendazole IP Anthelmintic
Chlorzoxazone USP Muscle relaxant
Bromhexine HCl Mycolitic
Drotaverine HCl RUS Anti Spasmodic
Salbutamol Sulphate Anti Asthamatic
Glimepiride IP/BP/EP/USP Anti Diabetic
Ranitidine HCl IP/BP/EP/USP Antacid
Ascorbic Acid Plain USP Nutraceuticals
Ascorbic Acid Coated Nutraceuticals
Ibuprofen NSAID
Losartan Potasssium Anti Hypertensive
Olmesartan Medoxomil Anti Hypertensive
Rifaximin Antibiotic
Ribavarin USP Anti Viral
Benfotiamine INH Dietary supplement, Diabetic neuropathy
Metodoxine INH Hepatoprotective agent
Ilaprazole Anti ulcerative
Itraconazole Anlifungal
Febuxostat Anti Gout
Azilsartan Medoxomil Anti Hypertensive
Linezolid(Form II & III) INH Antibacterial
Itopride INH Anti Psychotic
Ketorolac tromethamine USP/EP/IP Analgesic
Meprobamate USP/EP/IP Anti Hypertensive
Tapentadol INH Analgesic
Vilazodone HCl INH Anti Depressant
Ondansetron HCl Dihydrete USP/EP/BP/IP Anti ematic

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*Biotech Solutions & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. respects patent laws and conventions of pharmaceuticals as applicable in different countries. API / Substances covered by patent are not offered to the countries where the patent law is in force. However, the final responsibility lies with the customer/buyer.